Sylvia Marri "Silky" Stone, The One of a Kind
Authored Novels:  "Selina Mae Steele" and "Grass IS Green ... But Beyond Reach."


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Silky: Born to be a Model

            Miss Philippines Bodybuilding 1996 / Miss Asia medalist in her blue gown looking chic.

                   Silky Stone in the Billiard / Pool Room.                     IFBB Miss Asia Bodybuilding / PFBB Miss Philippines Bodybuilding Sylvia Marri Stone / Silky Stone in one of her best poses.                  PFBB Miss Philippines Bodybuilding / IFBB Miss Asia Bodybuilding medalist on her Best Pose showing her muscles on calf, arms, abdominal, shoulder, chest, and her pretty face, all in one pose.  Won Best Poser.