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Tai Chi has been very beneficial to me in that I have breast cancer with the risk of Lymphedema  to my arm.  That arm becomes tight with diminished range of motion unless it is continually exercised.  I've found that since I've been practicing Tai Chi, my arm is not tight and the range of motion is greatly improved.  I've tried other exercises and my arm seems to respond most to the practice of Tai Chi.  In addition to that, Tai Chi just makes me feel good.  I take Tai Chi with Shi Fu Silky (Sylvia Rawlins).  (Prefers to keep name anonymous)

** Lymphedema is the accumulation of lymph in soft tissue with accompanying swelling, often of the extremities: sometimes caused by inflammation, obstruction, or removal of lymph channels due to the treatment of cancer or cancer itself (, 2012). **


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Tai Chi with Silky Stone (Sylvia Rawlins) has given me health benefits like better coordination as the result of some of the warm-up exercises; increased flexibility; better balance; and further, I have the ability to control some muscular pain.  What I have learned from Shi  Fu Silky that I have never learned or experienced elsewhere is how to use breathing to help control pain; how to loosen up; and how to bring about an inner calm using breathing and Tai Chi movements.  Shi Fu Silky takes the time to get to know the needs of each of her students.  As a result, she tailors the class to meet those needs.   She shows students how to do Tai chi with whatever physical limitations they may have, altering some of the movements.  And she is able to get her students to do more than they think they are capable of doing.  Written by: Cecilia Penna


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I have experienced improved flexibility, better balance, deeper breathing, more eye-hand coordination and safer walking taking Tai Chi with Silky Stone.   I have learned in Shi Fu Silky's (Sylvia Rawlins) Tai Chi Program how to increase coordination between mind and body from the basic 24-Form Yang Style Tai Chi and Sung Version of Tai Chi.  Having been under Shi Fu Silky, I would like to share to everyone that learning and practicing Tai Chi is truly a meditation while moving.  It's like learning to dance the Fox Trot.  It is a very gentle exercise that coordinates and strengthens the mind and body.  It flows.  Submitted by: Arthur Baumann (80 + years of age)


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Tai Chi with Silky has given me better balance; has been reducing my stress; and has been increasing my focus.  Also, Shi Fu Silky has exposed me to the richness of Tai Chi as an exercise routine, a form of martial arts, and a philosophical system.  She is a great teacher.  There are a number of things that I had learned from her and had experienced under her that I had not had elsewhere.  I learned about Gi-gong that serves as a basis for Tai Chi practices.  I learned how rich and difficult or deep Tai chi really is in terms of what it means to practice it on a high level. She has taught me about how important it is not just to pay attention and learn the broad movements and sequence, but how every little detail is important and must be coordinated through mindful practice.  Tai Chi is all about poise, stress reduction, relaxation, holistic internal system to bring together mind and body for better health through meditative movement, mindful coordination of breathing and movement, body awareness, balance, enhanced concentration.  Tai Chi is exercise, martial art, philosophy, and brings together spirit and body in ways normal exercise (with the exception of Yoga) does not.  I recommend Tai Chi to all my friends.  I also think Tai Chi needs to be promoted as vigorously as Yoga is being promoted.  Tai Chi is very different from Yoga.  Both Tai Chi and Yoga heal and strengthen the body and mind in similar ways, but they just have two very distinct paths that lead to similar out comes.   Written by Charles Cooper.


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I first met Silky about 3 years ago in 2011, I took my dog for a walk down the river by my house in Burlington, NJ. She was doing a Tai Chi class, I stopped to watch, I was moved. I had always been an active person, growing up doing martial arts, ballroom dancing, and always going to gyms, taking classes and working with trainers, and yet now in my 40's I found myself depressed with my life and especially my body. After her class we chatted and I decided to take her Tai Chi classs, I needed to get back into shape. And then my life changed. I found out about her life as a bodybuilder. I told her it was always my dream to have muscles, no toned body, I want muscles, from there she went with me to shop, spending the minimal, getting my own little gym in my little house. We now workout 3 times a week, if I could I would do it every day, when I'm training with Silky I feel amazing. She trains old school, and I love it, the trainers today just don't get it. Every word that comes out of her mouth is enlightening, telling me what to eat, what not to eat, what proteins and vitamins to take, and when I get pain in my muscles, she knows how to fix that too! When she asked me for a testimonial, I was moved again, this would give me the chance to let her know how she changed my life for the better, I don't think she realizes how special she is. Thank you, God, for me walking my dog the day I met Silky!  By: Valerie Urbaniec


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Date: Oct 4, 2014

Place: Mount Laurel, NJ

I am happy to give a strong recommendation to Ms. Silky Stone as a personal swim instructor. She is the personal swim instructor for my 7 years old son for the last 6 months. My son has shown a great improvement from his initial ability to just do doggy paddle to getting him formally introduced to the different swimming strokes and techniques. She does this by explaining the correct technique till the swim student has grasped it and reinforces it in the pool. She identifies the areas that need improvement and in my son’s case made him unlearn past incorrect technique and learn the correct one. She structures the session well by breaking it into instruction, intense activity and games while keeping distractions to a minimum. With her as the swim instructor I have the confidence that I think my son is on the right learning curve and I see a continuation of this relationship in the foreseeable future.

I wish her all the best in her endeavors.

Namrata Kumar


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On Thursday, October 9, 2014 4:57 PM, wrote:

To whom it may concern:

I met Silky (Sylvia Rawlins) from Tai Chi class.  Soon after, she became my personal trainer.  She worked on my body using therapeutic massage.  This is because I have a lot of problems with my back, shoulder, and neck.  And now, I am seeing an improvement in those areas.

Please give her consideration as she is talented in this field. 

Thank you for consideration in her behalf.


Rosette Michel


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October 9, 2014 

Tai Chi Testimonial For Sylvia “Silky Stone” Rawlins 

To whom it may concern: 

For the past three years, Sylvia “Silky Stone” Rawlins has served as our Certified Tai Chi instructor for our residents here at Brookdale Senior Living, Clare Bridge of Westampton.  We are an assisted living community for individuals who suffer with Alzheimer’s Disease / Dementia.  To say that she has been phenomenal would be an understatement.  If only one has any knowledge of the challenges that are faced when working with seniors who have Dementia could they appreciate the response and participation Sylvia gets from them when she is conducting her Tai Chi sessions.  Much of her success that is achieved in their participation could be attributed to various factors.  First, her knowledge of the craft, her awareness of their ability, her character and personality as a person, her patience, upbeat, encouraging and kindness, and her pure talent.  

Sylvia has been diligent with teaching Tai Chi twice per week for one hour to our residents.  As a result of her efforts, expertise, and dedication to this art with our residents, we have seen an improvement in their minds, bodies, and spirits.  Sylvia is a true professional.  She is meticulous about everything she does when dealing with her Tai chi students.  It is a joy to watch her in action as she places the residents in their positions, demonstrates the proper posture, and articulates directives to them and they respond appropriately.  These really aren’t enough words to describe the positive effect Sylvia has had on our residents; and does not just stop at Tai Chi.  She demonstrates this level of excellence in every interaction.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful and talented young woman in our community. 

Thank you for your time.  It has been a pleasure to write a letter on behalf of Sylvia “Silky Stone” Rawlins. 


Gayle Heyward

Life Enrichment Coordinator

Brookdale Senior Living

Clare Bridge of Westampton


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