Sylvia Marri "Silky" Stone, The One of a Kind
Authored Novels:  "Selina Mae Steele" and "Grass IS Green ... But Beyond Reach."


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Silky's Art Gallery

Heart of Life

" Heart of Life "

This beautiful masterpiece painted by Silky Stone herself was on 18" x 24" canvas with the use of acrylic paint and was cured / varnished.  The original acrylic canvas painting is already owned by a lucky lady who won this artwork from a raffle draw in a fund raising event.   

This painting now is in image form sold on 11" x 14" poster.  This image is butterfly-watermarked, which will not appear when you receive your order.  If requested, Silky Stone would gladly autograph your purchased poster.  Just fill in the white blank space below with the name you would want addressed to on the autograph as you place your order below.  If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to email me.  Thank you.

If you would want Silky Stone to paint something or produce a picture for you, please describe your theme or tell her your little story; and she will paint the image on white / black canvas; or on a poster or book cover using combined original and personalized photographic images.  Just click here under:

"Say The Theme, I Create It." 

By:  Silky Stone

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Each special person has a predestined destiny to a bright wilderness, whether it be going through a straight path or through a curvy path, high or low, wet or dry.  Each special child will definitely reach his/her successful destiny.


Inspired by the deligence, determination, discipline, dedication, devotion special people put into their works of arts and deeds, this acrylic painting had been created by the one and only creative artist, Silky Stone.

This 18" x 24" acrylic canvas painting and its 11" x 14" photographed replica are available for sale.  The butterflly watermark will be off the image in your order.  Please email me to place your order and/or for questions and for any special instructions.

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